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DMV Rules for applying for a CDL ( Read Carefully)


Submit a completed 10 Year History Record Check (DL 939) (if you have been issued a DL of any kind in another state or jurisdiction in the last 10 years).


Submit a completed Medical Examination Report (MER) Form (MCSA 5875) and Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) (MCSA 5876) (see the “Medical examination report” section below for more information).


Provide proof of your social security number (SSN). It will be verified with the Social Security Administration while you are in the office.


Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. Your current name needs to match the name on the identity document (see the FAQs for more information).


Present acceptable residency documents (if you have never had a California driver license or identification (DL/ID) card).


Pay the nonrefundable application fee (application and fee valid for 12 months).


Have your thumbprint scanned.


Pass a vision exam.


Have your photo taken.


Pass the knowledge test(s). You have three attempts to pass each of the required knowledge tests. If you fail the same test three times, your application is no longer valid and you need to reapply. To allow for sufficient testing time, we do not administer knowledge tests within 30 minutes of closing.


If you want to apply for a REAL ID, you must also provide proof of your identity, social security number (SSN), and two proofs of residency from the list of acceptable REAL ID documents.


DMV will issue you a CLP after you pass the knowledge test(s).


If you do not meet all the requirements to get a CDL within 12 months of applying (including passing the knowledge test and skills test), the application will no longer be valid and you must reapply.


Rules and Restrictions


Here are the rules and restrictions for operating a CMV with a CLP:


You must also obtain and carry a valid California DL.


The CLP is valid for a maximum of 180 days from the date issued. It can be renewed for an additional 180 days if the expiration date is not more than one year from the initial application date.


If you present limited term legal presence documents, your CLP may expire on the same date as your legal presence documents.


A CLP is limited to these endorsements:
Tank (N)
Passenger (P)
School Bus (S)


You must be accompanied by a California CDL holder while operating a CMV. The license holder must possess the appropriate class of CDL and endorsements to operate the CMV.


If you have an “N” endorsement, the tanks must be empty when you are driving the CMV. The tank must be purged if it previously contained a hazardous material.


If you have a “P” or “S” endorsement, you cannot operate a CMV with passengers (other than federal/state auditors and inspectors, test examiners, other trainees, and the accompanying CDL holder).

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